Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morocco part 7: Skoura and Bou Skour

We head southwest towards the city of Skoura.  We take a scenic route through the Dades Valley.  Again, very beautiful places, nice rocks.

In Skoura we stay at the hotel owned by our guide Azziz.

After dinner, the ladies got some henna tattoos.

and henna hair!

The next morning we visit our last mine, one hour away from Skoura is Bou Skour, a copper mine.  This deposit was found in 1942 by French prospectors.  It has opened and closed several times over the years.  Right now the mine is open but still not at full production.

They have several shafts open for geophysical mapping and core sampling. In the next few years they plan to build treatment plants. We were able to collect copper rich minerals such as malachite and azurite.

After a picnic lunch cooked by Azziz, we returned to Skoura to shop for Berber rugs and jewelry. The rugs are amazing, all handmade, no two alike. They use wool from camel, sheep, goat and a silk fiber from cacti.  Many are dyed yellow with saffron.

At dinner that night we had Berber music and festivities

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