Friday, June 8, 2012


a gem, a meteorite or a rock!

First of all, we would like to thank Janice Holland, who adopted the latest featured gem. This 23.19 ct apatite from Madagascar will soon join the display case of recent acquisitions / donations, and eventually makes its way to the Gem Vault.

Let us explain more about this program...
A person or group can adopt a gem or mineral purchased for the museum with Gem & Mineral Council funds by making a contribution equivalent to the current estimated value of the specimen. In return, the adopted specimen will henceforth and always bear the donor’s name or designated credit line. Each specimen can only be adopted once and adoptions are permanent. The adopted specimen will be a permanent tribute to the donor’s generosity.

So... you want to have your "name in lights" forever at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and want to support the Gem & Mineral Hall? Then, adopt-a-mineral! You will find a list of minerals, gems, meteorites and rocks up for adoption by clicking here.

For example, we would love to have this Lunar Meteorite adopted before we put it out on the Meteorite exhibit:
This meteorite from the Moon (yes, this IS a piece of the Moon), called Dar Al Gani 400 is up for adoption! The meteorite was collected in Libya on March 10th, 1998. This slice weighs 1.66 grams and its dimensions are 38 x 25 x 15 mm (catalog number 62726).

Or this rare collector's gemstone: a 2.55ct triplite from Pakistan.

Thanks to you all to your support, and please, stop by the museum! All the minerals / gems / meteorite labelled: "purchased by the Gem & Mineral Council" are up for adoption. So, next time you come and visit, choose your own mineral!

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