Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Denver Mineral Show, 2012

First Denver Mineral Show for myself! Of course, the Natural History Museum of LA County was represented for years and years before, but it was my first experience there... and I had a blast. Great minerals, great people! So, here is an overlook of my stay in Denver.

Just before the opening of the Denver show, the Colorado School of Mine Geology Museum had an opening party. The new exhibit looked great, with a lot of specimens on loan or recently donated. A lot of information about the local geology and mineralogy, but also some displays of minerals of around the world. If you have the opportunity, don't miss it next time you stop in Denver!
 An example of local geology and mineral display.
 A big crowd to begin with, I had to wait until it cleared out to take some pics!
 "Priming Dynamite" by Charles Crow in 1970, depicting the work of the miners in Colorado.
 A perfect day in Denver never ends without some good food! Rick is not eating a rock here, but a delicious steak, while I am looking forward to eating some delicious duck!
 Click to read more about our Copper exhibit!

Thursday 13: it's time to set up! Museums have display cases in the main room at the show. Here is our display, the topic being Color of Copper. We will put the entire content online very soon!
 Proud of our display!
 And the American Museum as well!
 The Smithsonian Institution display.
 One of our favorites: this azurite crystal from Tsumeb is being slowly transformed into malachite.
 The University of Michigan display.

Friday 14: it's time to begin shopping! And of course, I begin with diamonds. No, I'm not obsessed. But you have to admit, piles of diamonds is always a nice thing to look at!
Piles of diamonds from Venezuela, by the Jungle buyer. Alejandro donated one of those little guys to our Museum! Our first diamond from Venezuela, thanks Alejandro!
Alejandro Stern, from the Jungle Buyer, showing off his Venezuelan diamonds.
 Picking diamonds. How fun is that?!
Right at the entrance of the Denver show: this amazing copper on basalt, from Michigan. It was at the Mineral Museum of Michigan for years, but it was covered with calcite. Recently this year, the museum decided to etch the calcite away (from what I've heard, it was not really looking good before, and was just stored in a box!). Results! After etching, this amazing mass of copper appeared!
 Another impressive specimen on display: Quartz cluster with Ajoite inclusions from Messina, South Africa. It weighs 500kg, and measures 1.3 x 0.9 meters.
 The Mineral Classics team (with Jamie from the American Museum on the left). We are really thankful to them, as they made a great donation to the Gem & Mineral Council!
 Rick & Justin, from California, showing off their bright red t-shirts! 
 Just a glance at the educational room at the Denver Mineral show. It's great to see kids (and not only kids!) getting interested in rocks and minerals! 

The Denver Show has several satellites, such as the Ramada hotel, where many dealers took over hotel rooms to transform them into show rooms!
 Here, Bill Larson showing a wonderful blue cap tourmaline from California.
 A close up. Lovely. Very lovely.
A specimen of Amethyst from San Bernardino County, California, that we were contemplating buying... Maybe a generous donor will be interested in buying it for us? Don't hesitate to contact our department if your are interested!
Close up: it's even great from the side.
 Bill & George showing off another of the amethyst specimen.
 Will & Tom examining an impressive aquamarine from Madagascar. Look at this color!
 And what about this nice aragonite from Bisbee?
 Back at the main show, with luminescent minerals. I can't get tired of those!

On Saturday, we had a "Meet the Curator" event at the show. Many people stopped by to ask questions about the color of copper!
 People from True Opals were really interested in our explanation of coloration of the Oregon sunstone. More to come on the matter very soon, keep posted!
 An overview of the show.
 A few more display cases!
Why Bill Severance and I are so happy? Well, Bill & I found an amazing gold crystal from Venezuela that is the perfect addition to the collection. And guess what? Bill donated it to us! Thanks again Bill!
The gold crystal donated by Bill. Front view.
 And back view. I'm still wondering which side I prefer! If you want to adopt-a-mineral (forever sponsorship, with your name as a donor of the mineral), just visit our page!
 Jamie, Renata and Bill. Yes. It was a good show!
 Well, if we don't get eaten by a dinosaur before the end of the show!
 Jamie! Run!!!!!!!!!!
 Thank god, this fish didn't look as threatening. Still... it's huge!

The Denver show arrived to an end on Sunday 16th, 2012, at 5pm. Time to pack everything again and get on a plane back to LA. Next adventure: the Munich Gem & Mineral Show at the end of October. Hope to see many of you there!

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